Sunday, April 5, 2009

Regimens: Creepy, Maybe, but It Seems to Work

The headline of this article completely drew me in. And it definitely paid off. This short article was about the use of live maggots in the healing of leg ulcers. It was basically all oddity because I doubt this is really going to catch on. The maggots work just as well as chemical dressing but are more expensive and more painful. "On the whole, the researchers concluded, there is little difference between the two treatments, and the choice should be left up to the patient." This cracked me up--"Okay, so it's your call. Do you want maggots to be eating your leg? They work the same as our chemical but they're more expensive and more painful." Tough decision. But that's where the article gets even more surprising--people actually do want this because they're in such pain they're eager to try any new method. Over all, it was not the biggest health news of the decade, but fun to read about.

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